Best Knee Sleeves and Braces for Basketball

10 Best Knee Sleeves and Braces for Basketball 2021 Reviews [TESTED]

To play safely in the innings, prevent common basketball injuries, soothe current wounds, and perform vigilantly in the field, the only thing that an athlete demand is the best knee sleeves and braces for basketball. All you need while playing basketball is your good health and your comfort zone. 

While playing in the court, these knee braces help to increase knee stability-hinge eliminates dangerous hyperextension. They often keep the players solid and confident in the game.

There are already immense numbers of competitors in the market that deal with Knee braces, but the standard we provide is way more than an athlete demands.

Today, we have enlisted some of the best Knee braces that enhance an athlete’s performance on the court. These products are economical and suitable for you. These braces and knee sleeves are designed by keeping in mind the athlete’s ease and comfort zone.

Our top 10 best knee sleeves and braces for basketball

1. Donjoy Armor9.5
2. McDavid 429X8.9
3. Shock Doctor 8758.8
4. DonJoy Lagend8.5
5. Gladiator Hinged8.6
6. DonJoy Full force ligament Brace9.6
7. Mava Sports 9.3
8. CrossFire by BioSkin9.2
9. Bracoo Breathable8.4
10. EXOUS Bodygear EX-7018.5

1. Donjoy Armor with FourcePoint Hinge


Knit soft fabric, non-slip silicone straps, can be used for sports, tennis, volleyball, bicycle, jogging, weightlifting, wrestling, skipping, running, baseball, yoga, skateboarding, martial arts, dancing, hiking, golf, walking, gymnastic, and other fitness exercises.

Ergonomic Designs 

These braces fit entirely to your knee design, flexion and use a very high-quality elastic, tight yet good compression fabric to overall reduce knee pressure, focus, and pain. This makes the angle 360 degrees around the knee and packs the knee completely.

Silicon pad

These braces are built with metal brackets and primarily design silicone pads that make it challenging to fall while playing a game; non-slip silicone strips and highly-quality elastic fabric to avoid sliding up and down during game movement. These unique features increase the overall side support and also make your joints stable. It ensures to dissipate your pressure, helps to keep your knees maintained and durable the joints.

Medically Prescribed 

These braces are medically recommended to treat severe knee instabilities, injuries, and faster recovery of different levels. It also ensures to correct the risks of suffering a ligament tear by reducing the time limit for your knee joint to stay in an unnatural and lousy position.

  • Provides you stability and mobility.
  • No allergy and itching.
  • May cause itching if used for long time.


2. McDavid 429X Hinged Knee Brace with Cross Strap 

Key Features:

Cartilage stability

Our second-best knee brace device is McDavid 429X, a very suitable device for ligament and stability. It is built with a rigid frame body that provides real-time reliability, medial, collateral, and everything you ever desired!

Patellar Support system

This braces device comes up with a patellar support system, and on the other hand, its durability is also top-class that comes at a very affordable price.

Mc David’s ceiling 

Another notable feature of this brace device is the ceiling for Mc David 429X, and it turns out to be a little uncomfortable and a bit constricting. This device could be less hi-tech than the other best knee-braces available on the list.

  • Affordable device
  • Flexible, stable, and reliable
  • Durability is top-notch
  • Excellent Patellar support system 
  • Little comfortable
  • Less hi-tech tan other devices 


3. Shock Doctor 875 Ultra Knee Brace with Bilateral Hinges 

Key Features

Very affordable 

The Shick Doctor 875 is a very compatible device in terms of price. It beats the previous two braces in its price and versatility. In short, it is a competitive knee braces device with all the essential features of a single device.

Comfort and mobility 

This knee brace 875 is not only cheap but also very stable, reliable, convenient, and comfortable that you never experienced before with the tag of this price rate. These knee braces are also very easy to use and easy to wear, giving you great mobility.

Movement in all direction

In the beginning, you might can a bit uncomfortable while using these braces. But it will take some time to allow the braces to comfort your knee, and after that, it is elementary and very comfortable to move in all directions.

Perfect for meniscus & injury 

Another blasting feature of these braces is that it is perfect for meniscus and LCL injury prevention and recovery. But it is not an ideal use for protecting cruciate ligaments of your knees in case if you ever had a full PCL/ACL tear in your past.

  • Very affordable
  • Allows movement in all directions
  • An ideal use for meniscus and injuries
  • Very comfortable and provides full mobility 
  • Not ideal use for protecting knees if you had full ACL tear in past 


4. DonJoy Lagend SE-4 Basketball Support Brace 

Key Features

Masterpiece braces

DonJoy is one of the best knee braces available on the market. These braces are the masterpiece ones as they are very versatile in their visualization and are fully-featured and full-force braces available in different packages on different platforms

Slick design

The knee braces, DonJoy Legend, comes in a very patented slick design with all the combined capabilities of PCL, ACL, combined instability, PCL, and combined stability, PCL & ACL.

Great protection levels

This set of braces, Legend SE-4, comes up with all the possible levels of protection. Even it can help to recover with all the athletes with some severe ligament and cartilage conditions. On the other hand, it does not disturb your natural movement.

Extreme lightweight 

These knee braces are very lightweight even you will not probably feel within 20-30 minutes on initial use. So these braces are not very difficult to carry and use. It also facilitates the easy adjustment feature.

Limited versatility 

These knee braces come with limited versatility. Also, it is proved to be an intelligent decision to invest in purchasing these soft knee sleeves to use along with these braces in order to avoid irritation and wrenching after the excessive use of these knee braces.

  • Affordable device
  • Come with the slick design
  • Give you great protection levels
  • These braces are extreme lightweight
  • Limited versatility 


5. Gladiator Hinged Knee Brace by BioSkin

Less ligament protection
Less stability for injured and damages PCL & ACL.

Powerful built

This set of braces comes with some versatile features that other braces do not usually offer, like they are very durable, versatile, strong built, and have a very sharp and immediate look.

Rigid support system

These Gladiator sets of braces come up with a very rigid and strong support system that limits painful twisting and ignores the unneeded and unwanted movement of your knees.

Best comfort grade

These braces give you a great comfort grade, along with a unique gel ring that moves around the whole Patella to ease your swelled joints and makes you comfortable.

Great credibility 

Many orthopedists make these Gladiator braces more credible and make them a perfect knee braces device for your knee support at a very compatible price.

  • Strong built body
  • Powerful and rigid support system
  • Affordable rates
  • Great comfort grade and credibility 
  • Less ligament protection
  • Less stability for injured and damages PCL & ACL. 


6. DonJoy Full force ligament Brace

Key Features

Expensive braces set 

To be very straight, DonJoy full force ligament is not very cheap. It’s is little expensive as compared to other knee-braces devices, and these are the three being a costly device:

Top-class knee braces

These braces have been known as the best and first-class knee braces, which produce high-level custom braces for professional and legal athletes.

Full force knee braces 

Another reason for these braces to be costly is the full force ACL tears feature. You have excellent protection, are made with an excellent aluminum aircraft body, and gives you a liability to move freely.

Full-scale stability 

These braces set gives you full-scale stability for your complex knee joint within a ratio of very affordable rates. These braces make you free to move freely as well, so you can use them with complete flexibility.

  • It gives you full-scale scalability
  • Flexible to use
  • Top-class and well-manufactured braces
  • Could be a little expensive


7. Mava Sports 

Key Features

Simple & effective 

Mava Sports is a set of knee braces that is elegantly and simply designed yet very effective concerning visualization. This also comes up with a strong body design and very unspectacular to use.

Best for meniscus 

These braces have been acknowledged as one of the best braces sets available in the market to prevent hyperextensions and meniscus diseases. These braces come up with a strong stabilizer mechanism at a very affordable price.  

  • Comfortable, durable, and non-restrictive set of braces
  • Best set of braces for meniscus
  • Affordable rates
  • Simple designed yet effective
  • Is not recommended to athletes with serious ACL & PCL injuries 


8. CrossFire by BioSkin

Key Features

Comfortable braces

crossfire has been one of the best knee braces when it comes to the comfort zone; these braces come in very lightweight and with some active materials that bring great reviews for excellent silkiness and ventilation.

Affordable braces 

BioSkin knee braces also come at very affordable rates as compatible with other competitive braces brands available in the market. It proves to be an excellent device for taller and intelligent players.

Excellent support structure 

Bioskin has been listed as the 8th best knee braces available in the market because of its excellent support structure that no brand offers with this price tag.

  • Ideal braces set for tall players
  • Affordable rates
  • Great comfort zone
  • Support structure is not very strong
  • Less protective for PCL and ACL injuries 


9. Bracoo Breathable Neoprene Knee Support 

Key Features: 

Cheap braces set

When it comes to the price of Bracoo Breathable Knee braces, they are a little expensive, and I don’t understand why so many athletes and people complain about the cost of these solid-to-good knee braces, whereas you can these braces set at a meager price. These braces work very well if you do not have any severe PCL and ACL injuries. 

Solid ACL & PCL Protection

Bracoo Knee sleeves provide you extra stability and help you getting relief from stress with the help of thick neoprene that comforts your knee with great strength and solid MCL, ACL & PCL support.

Not recommended for A+ knee support

Bracoo knee braces are not recommended for an A+ knee support system and not suitable for pro operation recovery as well.

  • Cheap and affordable rates
  • Strong PCL & ACL support
  • Great stability
  • Affordable
  • Not recommended for A+ knee support 


10. EXOUS Bodygear EX-701 Knee Brace

Key Features

Solid grades for comfort

If you are looking for a set for knee braces with cheap rates, then EXOUS BodyGear could be the right fit for you. Yet it gives you all the essential features like stability, reliability, great ACL, PCL, MCL protection for injuries at very affordable rates.

Special 4-way wrap system

EXOUS BodyGear is equipped with a unique 4-way strap system, which differs from other braces. Standard other braces usually have 2-way or 3-way straps. EXOUS with a 4-way strap helps you keep the braces in place, and you do not have to make re-adjustments again and again.

  • Affordable rates
  • Solid grades
  • Comfortable and reliable
  • Great stability
  • Great protection for PCL, ACL, and MCL injuries
  • Less reliability 


Buyer’s Guide to purchase the best knee sleeves and braces for basketball 

The most important factors while shopping for the best knee sleeves and braces for basketball are making sure that it will minimize your chances of injuries and maximize the time to stay on the court.

The primary purpose of knee braces and sleeves to provide you food support throughout the game. Simultaneously, it needs to be very comfortable, so you do not feel itchy and irritated in any way.

There are different knee sleeves and braces for basketball available with different characteristics, whereas you have to select your most suitable and comfortable one. So, it could be a little tricky sometimes – here are the factors that you should keep in mind while shopping for the best knee sleeves and braces for basketball:


Size is one of the significant factors to consider while shopping for the best knee sleeves and basketball braces—the more comfortable means a more powerful game.

The knee sleeves with large size or oversized will keep slipping down your legs, and it will make it difficult for you to continue the game.

On the other hand, if your sleeves are too tight, they will make you uncomfortable, and in most cases, they will result in the form of blood flow through your leg. This is something that would urge you to leave the game.


The second important consideration that you should keep in mind while shopping for knee sleeves and braces is comfort. The knee sleeves and braces, which do not fit properly, are not going to be comfortable at all.

Size is the fact that affects your comfort; however, different brands of knee sleeves and braces are available with different features. 

Comfort also depends on the material of the sleeves that you are using. Some players love to play with lightweight knee sleeves and braces, whereas some players prefer to play with high-quality and heavyweight knee sleeves and braces.


As with other considerations, the cost is also worth thinking about while shopping for knee sleeves and braces for basketball.

There are a number of knee sleeves available in the market with different price ranges and different features. You have to select the most suitable one according to your needs and requirements. Most of the knee sleeves are affordable and not very expensive.


Support is also one of the most important things you should consider while shopping for your knee sleeve. Without accurate consent from knee sleeves and braces, there is no other primary purpose.

It is essential to buy a knee sleeve that gives you good and enough support to play nicely. This is why you should always consider support while choosing a sleeve; either it will enhance resistance around your knee joint or decrease the chances of injury.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Should I wear knee braces while playing basketball?

You should absolutely wear knee sleeves and braces while playing basketball. Braces give you sewn-in support that stays throughout the game provide you knee stability – this is something that also eliminates harmful and dangerous hyperextension and stress level and makes you from both these diseases to play the game efficiently. Knee braces are mostly used for injuries to get quick recovery.

If you purchase a suitable and right knee sleeve and braces for yourself, they will prevent re-injuries and increase the confidence of recovering basketball players more quickly.

So, in short, you should always wear knee sleeves and braces while playing basketball with the team or friend, as they will keep you safe from many harmful diseases.

What do knee sleeves and braces do in basketball?

Knee sleeves and braces play a significant role in keeping your knees safe from injuries and make sure that they can take the pressure of running and jumping heavily. The best knee sleeves will give you as much comfort as you need in order to play your games safely.

Branded and accurate knee braces for basketball compress your knees and increase your blood flow level. However, it keeps you pain-free and also keeps your joints secured in place throughout the game.

So, knee sleeves and braces play a very important role in a basketball game.

Is it okay to wear knee sleeves and braces all day?

Yes, you can, of course, wear a knee brace all day and whenever you want because there is no harmful effect at all.

If you some particular injury or are going to participate in an activity or sports, you should make sure to wear proper knee sleeves or braces for your injury and sport. In short, there are no harmful effects if you wear braces for the whole day

How tight should a knee sleeve be?

Knee sleeves and braces should be tight but not too tight that it impedes your body movements.

You should purchase a knee sleeve that should be tight enough to give you compressive property but not too much tight, that irritates you while playing. It is essential to use the right knee sleeve to get the most benefits from your basketball braces.

Do knee compression sleeves work?

Knee sleeves are not meant to be the actual braces. They do not have any struts, any technical or mechanical support, or neither any hinges.

Most of the studies on compression knee sleeves have proved that they actually improve pain significantly. They provide you pain improvement, and studies and research have shown a significant functional improvement as well.

In short, knee sleeves play a very important role while playing a basketball game, and in order to keep yourself safe from injuries and harmful diseases, you should always wear knee sleeves and braces during the whole game.


The best knee sleeves and braces for basketball serve differently for each player. Some athletes and players wear knee pads to avoid abrasions from contact with the floor, whereas some of the players feel it necessary to look after their knees in order to prevent some serious injuries.

However, some players wear serious compression sleeves as well for extra protection. It is also correct that some players and athletes wear these braces just for a fashion statement.

Whatever the reason is, the best knee sleeves and braces for basketball play an extremely important role for the basketballers and help them keep themselves on the court for longer.

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