Best basketball training equipment & aids

Best basketball training equipment & aids in 2021

If you are a beginner or an intermediate player and are looking to improve your basketball skills, you might need a few tools to become a professional player. Best basketball training equipment & aids in 2021 are available. These things can help you improve your shooting skills, running, tackling, etc. These things may become necessary to practice individually. 

But what items do you need exactly? It will depend on your weak points. If you think your shooting needs improvements, purchase the items that will help enhance your shooting. But if you are a complete beginner, you can buy a range of equipment for each skill to become a pro at what you do. 

Top-listed Best basketball training equipment & aids 2021

ProductRating Table
SKLZ Basketball Defender Dummy9.9
DribbleUp Smart Basketball9.8
SKLZ Dribble Stick9.7
Ball Hog Gloves8.8
SKLZ Court Vision Goggles8.6
HoopsKing Straight Shooter9.4
Agility Ladder9.5
SKLZ Shot - Markers9.9
Baden SkilCoach Rubber Basketball8.7
SKLZ Shoot-Around – Basketball Return8.5

1-SKLZ Basketball Defender Dummy

SKLZ Basketball Defender Dummy


Hands-Up Defense

The dummy has a hands-up defense that allows the player to practice the shooting while other players defend. Their height can easily be adjusted with a simple mechanism and are much more stable due to the bottom stands.

No Need of a Teammate

When you want to practice shooting with a hands-up defense, you might need another player to cover up that spot, but with this dummy, you don’t need another and can train individually and become a pro at it.

Effective Training

The SKLZ D-man provides practical training in boosting your tackling skills and doing a basket. The dummy cannot move but can still provide a feel as if a real man is standing.

  • Setting up is extremely feasible
  • Storage is convenient
  • Can easily be adjusted
  • Has ground stakes for extra stability

  • Not suitable for outdoor play
  • Made from plastic

2-DribbleUp Smart Basketball

DribbleUp Smart Basketball


Real-Time Tracking

The real-time tracking checks the strength, speed, and throwing capacity of the player. The tracking feature can be used to enhance your technique. The ball contains an optical market that continuously transmits signals.

Virtual Training App

The ball comes with a virtual trainer that compiles all your data and creates a plan for you. It tracks your speed, agility, and much more and will suggest some positive aspects that you can do to enhance specific skills.

30-Days Training Program

The ball comes with a free 30-days training program that is highly recommended for beginners. They can learn a lot through it and create a technique that they can carry on.

  • No clunky or weighted feel
  • It doesn’t feel like an intelligent ball
  • App has combo routines for pro players
  • High-quality basketball
  • Ball disconnect if it gets out of range
  • The app is not 100% efficient

3-SKLZ Dribble Stick

SKLZ Dribble Stick


Height Adjustment

The SKLA dribble stick has a height adjustment system. You can add the arms of the stick anywhere you want according to your height.

Storage for Balls

The stick has a flat surface on the top, which is used to keep basketballs. The top surface is a bit small, so only a single basketball can be stored on it at a time.

Can Be Used Anywhere

The dribble is durable enough to be used anywhere. Either indoor or outdoor, the dribble stick will work perfectly in all places and all times.

  • A great tool to perfect your dribbling
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Provides immediate feedback
  • Will improve your stance and positioning

  • They are a bit pricey
  • No replacements sticks are available

4-Ball Hog Gloves

Ball Hog Gloves


Stronger Grip

The ball gloves help in enhancing your holding strength and improve your grip. The gloves have friction that allows the user to interact with the ball more and create a firmer grip for perfect technique.


The gloves contain weight resistance to enhance your speed and agility. If you become able to play basketball ultimately, your hands will be much faster when you try to dribble to tackle with the ball/

Improves Ball Handling

The gloves improve ball handling, especially for beginners. They don’t have the experience to handle the ball, but the gloves surely enhance the ball-handling skills in a short period.

  • Provides extra resistance to build strength
  • Enhances your ball handling technique
  • Best for individuals and teams as well.
  • These gloves strengthen your finger to make a shot

  • The weight is only added on the backside of glove
  • The glove size is not for kids

5-SKLZ Court Vision Goggles

SKLZ Court Vision Goggles


Flexible Elastic Strap

The strap is used to keep the goggles in place and is made from a durable and flexible material. To tighten the straps, use the flexible strap.

Improves Reaction Time

The goggles are not just for a show. They enhance many essential motor skills. It also improves the reaction time. If recently you were noticing the field and player positioning in 2 minutes, it will not take two seconds after using the glasses.

Enhances Ball Handling Skills

The vision goggles can also help you getter your ball handling skills better, and for sure, this product will help in every way to make that possible.

  • Increases confidence in the court
  • The player handles the ball while surveying the court
  • The plastic body provides a comfortable fit

  • It doesn’t include lenses

6-HoopsKing Straight Shooter

HoopsKing Straight Shooter


Adjustable Strap

The adjustable strap allows you to make specific changes when shooting the ball. The strap stops your arm at a certain point that is necessary for a perfect aim. The straps maintain your technique and improve your hand positioning

Improves Accuracy

The accuracy can be improved by this straight shooter strap. The accuracy is improved by positioning the hand in the right direction and angle that the strap provides.

Maintains Follow Through

After making a shoot, the players don’t maintain their follow-through, leading to poor positioning and missing your target. The strap ensures you maintain your follow-through even after throwing the ball in the basket.

  • Best for people of all ages
  • Is highly durable
  • It truly enhances your shooting skills

  • It can be broken if much force is applied

7-Agility Ladder

Agility Ladder


Robust Build

The agility ladder has a strong build. The ladder is highly durable and is perfect for players who want to enhance their speed and agility.

Enhances Performance

The agility ladder enhances the player’s speed and coordination and perfectly accomplishes that goal. You can use this ladder to enhance your overall performance.

Extra Long Ladder

This ladder is not for climbing;instead, of running through it different patterns to enhance agility. The ladder is approximately 23 feet long and five sets each day are enough to enhance your speed ad technique.

  • For explosive strength and Balance
  • Best for training groups
  • It can easily be adjusted

  • No cons to date

8-SKLZ Shot – Markers

SKLZ Shot - Markers


Five Durable Discs

The shot markers contain five durable discs placed strategically on different points to test and improve the shooting.

Digital Timer

The markers also come with a digital timer that can be used your time and try to do better every time and beat your record to become the best.

Develops Court Awareness

The markers can be placed at specific places. It also enhances the court awareness of the player that is also very necessary for a basketball player.

  • It is an effective learning tool
  • Develops court sense and positioning
  • It has an all-weather digital timer

  • No instructions are available for the timer
  • The timer doesn’t have an “ OFF” switch

9-Baden SkilCoach Rubber Basketball

Baden SkilCoach Rubber Basketball


Increases Strength

The Baden rubber basketball is manufactured a bit heavier than average basketballs to enhance the player’s strength. When they go and use the original basketball, it would be way easier to control and handle the ball because of the increased strength.

Highly Durable

I haven’t seen any inflation complaints about this basketball. The player can use it all day long and rough it up entirely, but the ball will remain in one piece even after extreme usage.

Improves Shooting Range

The shooting range can significantly increase if you are using a heavy ball. You will develop much strength, and when you move onto the real one, you’ll have more strength to shoot the balls from a remote spot.

  • It also improves ball handling
  • The basketball itself is very grippy
  • Has a great bounce

  • Sometimes the ball can develop an air bump

10-SKLZ Shoot-Around – Basketball Return

SKLZ Shoot-Around – Basketball Return


180-Degrees Rotation

The basketball return tool curves the ball to 180 degrees to return it to the place from where the shot was taken. You can stand in one place, face the basketball return tool to yourself and enjoy practicing the essential shooting skills.

Monochromatic Color

The color of the tools is kept to monochromatic to blend it with all other objects and provide less distraction for the player.

Chute Design

The tool has a chute design that efficiently and quickly returns the ball to the player, and the player doesn’t have to move even a still step from his place.

  • It is very inexpensive
  • Less cumbersome and restrictive
  • It doesn’t get in your play
  • The color lets you focus only on the rim.

  • It comes in 8 different pieces
  • Only return the shoots that go into the net

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Buyer’s Guide for Best basketball training equipment & aids

We just can’t walk into a store and decide which thing we want. If we want to buy something that costs much more, we research it and gather all the information we can to make sure the thing we will buy is worth the money. This way, we can be sure our purchase is durable and will surely be a good investment.

Keeping a buyer’s intent in mind, we scrapped a few things that we felt were necessary for any player to look for training equipment. I have gathered these around, did a bit of research, and understood why these were important, and now I am going to explain each factor so you can know about it too.

Durability and Quality
The durability and quality go hand in hand. If the quality of the material is reliable and tough, it means your item is indeed durable. But if there’s perpetual decline in the durability over the course of days, it shows the material used in the manufacturing was not made to sustain a long time usage.

We cannot determine the quality of materials from looking at them online or in any store nearby, but we can contact a few people who might have used this Best basketball training equipment & aids and ask for their opinion. If they give a green signal, you are good to spend your money on it.

It is essential to know which equipment will be beneficial for your training. Many brands claim to provide results, but they are not even a little bit helpful in reality. If you can find out which product is providing results. I have seen people spending money on useless products because they don’t know what to do before purchasing them.

Pricing and Budget
It is essential to remain inside your budget. Usually, the basketball aids are compact and don’t cost much. You can find all of the valuable items under $100 each. You need to have a mid-range budget to buy all the essential items, especially a rubber basketball, a dribbler, and a shooting strap. You can buy all of them for under $300 if you plan correctly and spend your money wisely.

If the aids for your home use, the design wouldn’t matter much. But if it will be placed in a professional basketball club, you can consider the design and aesthetics of the equipment, only to enhance the look of your club. 

The players won’t notice them as they will be busy practicing, but you can find items that can enhance the look of the field and provide optimal results simultaneously for your peace of mind.

Having a versatile item is always a plus point. Firstly, make sure how many players are going to be using the aid. If there is more than one person, you may need a few more items of the same product as some items are only made for a single person. .

Read Reviews
The last thing on the list is reading the reviews. When you have decided and are convinced that a specific product is perfect for you, go to Amazon, search for the item and read the reviews of the people at the bottom. These reviews will either back your decision or will help you from spending your money on something useless. So ensure that you read the reviews after conducting your research.we have select Best basketball training equipment & aids

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q. Does the training equipment improve your basketball skills?
The most straightforward answer would be yes, the training equipment is built to enhance the basketball skills of a player. There is a tool for every skill, such as dribbling, shooting, running, and tackling. To perfect these skills, a player needs to practice all they can individually, and these items help in the process.

Q. How can I enhance my shooting skills and range?
A.You can enhance your shooting skills by purchasing a ball–return hoop to practice shooting as much as you can. You should basket the ball at least 100 times a day to perfect your shoot from different areas and distances.

Q.Which equipment is usually used for basketball training?
The equipment that is generally used for basketball training is rubber balls, markers, nets, agility ladder, and many more. Best basketball training equipment & aids are available in my list and are tested and researched to ensure they are the best in the market.

Q. Why is it essential to have training equipment?
Having training equipment is vital to increase your existing skills. You can play all of what with fellow players, but the things you learn by playing individually with the items increase your playing tactics and techniques and make you’re a sinner.

Q. What features should be considered before buying a basketball aid?
There are a few specific features that you should consider before you go on and place an order to get a basketball aid get delivered to your home. These features are:

  • Quality
  • Purpose
  • Effectiveness
  • Versatility
  • Price


Best basketball training equipment & aids in 2021 beneficial if they are selected with caution and research. These have helped many people that I know to improve the things they lacked in. You can surely use them to cover up your week spots. 

I suppose you may already have made up your mind on which equipment to pick. I hope that the list will be beneficial for you to fulfill your goals. 

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