Best Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet

10 Best Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet 2021 [Tested] – Top Picks

Nowadays to help achieve excellent performance, try wearing a basketball shoe that fits you well and serves the right purpose. Furthermore, they aid in strengthening the power of your feet and prevent any foot injury. Despite choosing heavy soles with less cushioning, it is an affordable deal to flex your best basketball shoesfor wide feet flawlessly.

These shoes provide support while minimizing the agony of players who suffer from knee, ankle or back pain. These shoes are designed to offer you ease and comfort through the innate rubber sole, which is lightweight and provides you with a solid grip on the ground.

The Best basketball shoes for wider feet have a mesh design that has a primary focus on allowing your feet to breathe and not feel sweaty while you jog or run in the courtroom. Also, the design may look very colourful and light but is very durable. These shoes are used for years, together with the closed mesh around the midfoot and heel, provides strong structured support. The main focus of this product is that you can run freely and naturally as if nothing hinders your foot’s movement.

Top-listed basketball shoes for wider feet

1. D.O.N. ISSUE 019.6
4. Kyrie Flytrap9.6
5. Nike Lebron Xvii9.6
6. Under Armor9.5
7. Nike Lebron XIII Kay Yow8.8
8. PEAK High Top 8.9
9. Nike Zoom K.D8.5
10. Adidas Performance Men's8.6



  • Easy to wear
  • Flexible
  • Strong sole
  • Elegant design
  • The size can vary and cause narrowing issues.



All the shoes from this brand offer comfort for wide feet. This feature prevents the cracking of skin and nerve numbness due to the narrow designs of shoes. It provides better exposure and stretches during any sport.


It is well equipped with a spider-knot lace design. It helps in protecting and strengthening the upper and lower sole of the feet. The panels are easily adjustable. The laces are of textile fabric and are easily washable.


This feature makes them the best basketball shoes as they have a solid grip that gives the ankle core its strength to run without any durability issues smoothly. A powerful grip is required for withstanding any outer force that can cause damage to the feet.



  • Extra support
  • Available in different colours
  • Adaptive and long-lasting
  • Anti-wearable
  • The midsole can irritate.



The extra cushioning provides shock absorption qualities that help protect the foot sole. The material is exceptionally soft and lightweight. Moreover, it gives comfort to the pressure points even after a long run!


This quality gives support and stability to the shoe. It aids in enhanced durability, as the outer sole comprises a combination of rubber and other polar patterns. The elegant design is a symbol of a win on the basketball court!

Available in 4 colours

Anything that has a colourful range can attract a customer from afar. This feature adds versatility to the shoes by giving choice and freedom of selection. To foresee an ultimate game, these shoes can win the match for you with your choice of ease!



  • Available in different sizes
  • Stylish design
  • Strong grip
  • Lightweight
  • Does not have anti-slip properties.



NIKES’ AIR VERSATILE BASKETBALL shoes are comfortable to carry and flexible. They provide a signature look that differentiates one team from another like a pro!

Good material

It has a supportive sole made up of rubber. Furthermore, it is locked with a spider-web lace design that gives full coverage to the foot. The fabric is washable and can be used again.

4. Kyrie Flytrap – Nike Mens’ Basketball shoes


  • Easy to wear
  • Flexible
  • Extra cushioning
  • Good ankle support
  • Available in 4 colours
  • Size can be loose


Friction Resistant

The material used for friction-resistant properties is exceptional as the midsole is confined with extra support and ankle cushioning. This helps in the positioning of feet and prevents injuries.

Responsive Cushioning

Kyrie flytrap is an advanced design. As the material is flexible and durable; therefore, it has incredibly responsive cushioning. This prevents foot damage and helps in a smooth run in the court.

Ideal Design

It has a flawless look for the best basketball outlook. The experience of the game enhances its potential to withstand any pressure or outer force during a match.

5. Nike Lebron Xvii


  • Extra cushioning.
  • Lightweight.
  • Shock absorbent.
  • Durable.
  • Make sure to measure your feet correctly before ordering them.


Shock absorption:

Under the heel, there is a max air unit that provides shock absorption, especially for the spontaneous movements made during the basketball match. The forefoot has a Nike reaction technology that cushions the forefoot preventing any kind of shock.

Additional support:

The heel has a max air unit aids in providing additional support to the player. The midsole has a concrete and rigid overlay that aids in supporting and making the shoes quite durable. It has a wraparound style overlay that further maintains the structure.

Maximum comfort:

A soft foam padding provides you with maximum comfort as you play and tries to support your feet as you run around numerous times. It has a low-cut bootie type form so that it fits your foot perfectly without hindering your game.

Return policy:

It is highly recommended that you measure your foot’s length and width correctly before purchasing the size, as this product is designed to precisely fit your feet. In case you still find some issues, you may return these shoes before 30 days.

6. Under Armor, Ignite V Basketball Shoe


  • Rubber sole.
  • Breathable.
  • Locked in support.
  • Extra toe protection.
  • Tight around the ankle.


T.P.U. Heel:

While you play for hours, these shoes provide you with maximum support through T.P.U. Heel technology. It also ensures that the support is locked around the heel, giving you maximum support while running during your game.

4D foam:

Keeping in mind the spontaneous running and jumping during your matches, this product is lightly padded with two layers of 4D performance foam for many comforts. There are anatomical contours present in the shoes that also provide further cushioning.

Integrated lacing zones:

To firmly adjust your shoes while you play these advanced lacing zones, make sure that the shoes correctly fit your forefoot, midfoot and ankle. To avoid bruises or blisters while you play, order the correct size while measuring your foot and make sure that the laces are well adjusted entirely around the foot.

Toe support:

There is a mesh of two layers around the toe area with T.P.U. Hot melt filming prevents your toes from any damage and blisters from friction while you play. These particular shoes provide additional protection of the toe.

7. Nike Lebron XIII Kay Yow


  • Tested cushioning.
  • Broad and flexible collar.
  • Lace free.
  • Durable.
  • May be loose if the proper size is not ordered.


Springing technology:

These shoes have a superior technology that allows them to stretch in specific areas, so you may lock them at a particular position, white taking and shot. They unlock after you resume running.

Laceless closure:

Two very durable straps are used to comfortably secure the shoes to your feet as you do not need to take time and tie or untie your laces strap them on, and play.

Foamed midsole:

The midsole is foamed, making sure that you feel comfortable in these shoes, and the air units can be compressed and are released as you are running or jumping in the game.

Flexible collar:

These shoes have an extensive yet flexible collar that does not hinder the ankle’s moment during running, and you can easily and quickly take these shoes off within seconds.

8. PEAK High Top Men’s Basketball Shoes


  • A vast range of colours available
  • Excellent stability
  • No wear-and-tear effects
  • Midsole is stiff


Consolidated weaving

Peak high top Men’s basketball shoes are constructed with integrated weaving that is seamless. The exceptional quality paired with the hot-melt process contributes significantly to minimizing the discomfort of wide feet while providing cordial support.

Comfortable outsole

Aside from high-quality integrated weaving, this basketball shoe has a broader and concrete outsole built with a firmly gripping pattern. Therefore, it is exceptionally suitable for the outdoors.


Furthermore, the shoe contains a stabilization module that folds onto the outer side to bulge and provides support. Henceforth, you will be safe from accidental falls alongside minor injuries that may occur otherwise.

Highly durable

The shoe’s improved rubber material has dramatically strengthened the longevity of it. Whether you wear it every day or once in a while, the wear-resistance will minimize the impact on the shoe’s life. As a result, it can adapt to any and every surface, including cement.

Protection and safety

The peak basketball shoes are optimally designed to offer protection to the players while they play on-ground. The thick outsole and rubber material ensure full protection against minor to significant injuries while providing extreme comfort. Thus, all these characteristics together give a satisfactory experience to the players on the field.

9. Nike Zoom K.D. 12 Basketball


  • Reasonably priced
  • Excellent shock absorption
  • Elegant design
  • Dusty courts might impact the grip



Nike zoom K.D. 12 basketball shoes are built up to provide a firm grip on the floor to prevent accidental falls. Whether you run at lightning speed or bounce the ball at a relatively low speed, the shoe will maintain balance at all times. Also, the shoe provides stability on all types of surfaces. Be it a wooden floor or a concrete basketball court; the shoe is suitable for all. You can care freely play on the field with Nike Zoom K.D. 12 as your basketball shoe.


Since running and jumping exerts pressure on the feet, Nike Zoom K.D. 12 has effective cushioning that extends comfort while protecting the feet from any potential injury.

There is an articulated air pillow on the upper, a bulky piece of phylon covered with rubber material under the pillow. Along with this, the shoe’s outsole has several holes that improve the liberates the energy via condensed phylon midsole.

Do you play for 5 hours in a single stretch? Well, you have nothing to worry about. Nike Zoom K.D. 12 will make it easy for you.

Wide range of shapes and sizes

Do you have broader feet or perhaps medium-sized feet? Well, Nike Zoom KS 12 have various sizes to offer. Amongst them, you can choose the one that fits the best.

Also, K.D. 12 has a vast array of variants, from simple black to vibrant red. Therefore, you will not face the issue of selecting the perfect size and a suitable colour combination for yourself.

10. Adidas Performance Men’s Crazy Explosive Basketball Shoe


  • Well-padded
  • Lighter in weight
  • Satisfactory outlook 
  • No memory foam footbed 



Adidas explosive basketball shoe moves flexibly yet stably on various surfaces, including wooden floors. Did we mention how nicely they swing on wooden surfaces? Well, they do!

Aside from this, the sturdy grip offers more security while you run and jump on the field.

Well-built structure

Firstly, the pillow installed in the midsole has incredible bounciness that drastically impacts the protection the shoe offers.

On the other hand, the outer side is surrounded by rubber material that gets energy directly from your feet. Henceforth, the overall stability due to robust structure is commendable.

The vast range of fits

Like Nike zoom K.D. 12, Adidas explosive basketball shoes have a range of various sizes to choose from. Though they have perfect fits for people with wider feet, they can work well with smaller feet.

However, more incredible is that every size provides the same support, protection, and comfort while meeting high-quality standards. Whether you have a wider foot or relatively narrower feet, Adidas explosive basketball shoe will be one of the best options you may have.

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Buyer’s guide for best basketball shoes for wide feet

If you look around, there are multiple options when it comes to basketball shoes. Manufacturers from all over the globe are keen to provide the best quality shoes that provide comfort, firm grip and support, and protect the feet from minor to major injuries.

However, not all of them are successful in delivering the best. There are specific brands that deliver better quality basketball shoes for wider feet than others. So, you must be thinking about determining which shoes are the best and which ones are not so good.

To help you select the best fit for yourself, we have listed some critical elements you may consider before buying a basketball shoe.


Firstly, consider how comfortable the shoe is.

A comfortable shoe will allow more flexible moves without any hindrance. In contrast, an uncomfortable shoe will not only negatively impact your performance but can also lead to ankle pain, minor injuries and sore feet after an extended play.

Therefore, it is essential to pick a lightweight shoe that is extremely comfortable for you while running, jumping, or jogging.

Shock absorption

Basketball is an intense game that requires rapid movements that include jumping and sprinting while dodging other players. During all this, your shoe will receive many concentrated shocks. Therefore, such motions can sometimes cause an injury.

For this reason, it is imperative to have a shoe that has an excellent cushion that ingests the shocks to prevent your feet from straining and injuries.

Henceforth, with a shock-resistant and well-cushioned shoe, you can jump and run to reach the spot with enhanced responsiveness.

Your shoe sizes

Before buying footwear, you should know your exact feet size. In this way, you can choose the best fit for yourself in one go without having to try a range of sizes and exchanging if the shoe is uncomfortable.

If you are still not aware of your exact size, we recommend getting your feet measured.

Though feet change their size after some time, you will still have a rough idea of your feet’ actual length and width.

Therefore, you will not only save up on your time and energy, but you will see a remarkable difference in your performance once you start wearing the right size.

The shoe types

Once you are well aware of your size, it is about time you should know the different types of basketball shoes that there are in the market.

Firstly, there are low-tops. These shoes have good speed and agility but limited flexibility.

Secondly, basketball shoes come in mid-tops. These types of shoes offer excellent ankle support and flexibility, all the while maintaining balance while you play.

Lastly, after these come to the high-tops. These are heavy-duty shoes that provide extra coverage to your feet, greater comfort, extreme support and incredible flexibility.

Thus, choose the shoe type you deem best for yourself.

The playing style

Another major factor to take into account alongside shoe type is your playing style. Playing style refers to the player level you are at the moment.

If you are starting, you will be considered a beginner. If you play occasionally, you might fall under the intermediate level. In contrast, if you know how to play the game, you will be considered a primary or professional player.

Therefore, keep in mind your playing style and the shoe type that suits it before buying basketball shoes for yourself.

The design

Don’t we all love shoes that are aesthetically appealing and vibrant enough to uplift our spirits? Yes, we do!

Therefore, the design of the shoe plays a crucial role when it comes to selecting the best fit for yourself. While it may be hard to believe, the market is filled with plenty of shoes with differing variants. All you have to see is which shoe looks the most attractive to you and brings up the motivation to play. Once you know the design that appeals to you, it will be easier for you to filter out the options and eventually choose the best one out of the options you have.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you are well aware of the best basketball shoes for wide feet and the tips for buying them, people ask some common questions regarding basketball shoes.

Why is it essential to wear basketball shoes while playing? 

Ans. Good basketball shoes can prevent your feet from ankle twists and several injuries due to exceptional shock absorption ability. With basketball shoes, you can freely move and make quick motions without fearing to get strains or injuries.

Can my running, tennis or athletic shoes work for basketball?

Ans. No, every shoe is designed differently, and so they work differently. An athletic shoe will have a different level of stability than a tennis shoe. Similarly, basketball shoes are designed specifically to keep in mind the demand of the game. Other shoes may not work well.

Can I wear my basketball shoes outdoor? 

Ans. Here is a tip; never wear your indoor shoes outdoor. If you do, your basketball shoes might lose their grip quickly while becoming discoloured.

How can I maintain my basketball shoes? 

Ans. The answer is simply: clean them often, wear them only in the court and keep them somewhere safe.


Basketball shoes offer multiple benefits that include providing stability, comfort and protection while enhancing your performance on the ground. Undoubtedly, the right shoe that fits perfectly can-do wonder. Henceforth, it is crucial to find the best basketball shoe that’s suits you well. If you are thinking to search the market, we have provided the ten best basketball shoes for wider feet to aid you.

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