11 Best wall Mounted Basketball Hoop 2021 [TESTED] Reviews

Are you fond of playing basketball but there is not enough space in your house? Worry not.

We have combined a list of 11 best wall mounted basketball hoop.

Best wall mounted basketball hoops are compactly designed to fit anywhere conveniently. Whether you want to play in your garage, lawn or courtyard, all you have to do is select a suitable wall and find a perfect fit for it. Once you have found the best wall mounted basketball hoop 2021 for yourself, you can care freely play basketball whenever you want.

To aid you in finding wall mounted basketball hoops, here is a list of 11 best basketball hoops.

Top-listed wall mounted basketball hoop

1. First Team Uni-Champ II Adjustable Wall Mount Basketball Hoop

First Team Uni-Champ II Adjustable Wall Mount Basketball Hoop


Small backboard 

Though a small backboard might be a drawback for some people, it can immensely benefit you if you have a tight space. Therefore, a 48” backboard can fit anywhere easily.

Uni-Strut brace 

Do you want to install a wall mounted basketball hoop without stuffing up your space? First team basketball hoops have a uni-strut brace that mounts the wall which will make your space feel bigger. Therefore, you can freely move below the hoop without having to worry about hitting your head on the wall.

Premium quality 

First team hoop is compactly designed using high-quality materials that makes it durable enough to withstand extreme force.

  • Flexible adjustment
  • Compact design
  • Less professional look 


2. First Team WALLMONSTER ARENA Wall Mounted Basketball Hoop

First Team WALLMONSTER ARENA Wall Mounted Basketball Hoop


Tempered glass

While the previous hoop was comparatively smaller, this one has a standard size with a massive outlook. Along with this, it comes with a tempered glass that offers more durability and enhances the performance.

Sturdy rim 

If you want to dunk like an expert, the heavy-duty flex breakaway rim will help you do so.

The rim is not only strong but you can rotate it and adjust the height to a level that suits you. Henceforth, you can play basketball without hitting the wall.


The structure of the hoop is coated with powder which increases the longevity of it. No matter how much you use it, this basketball hoop will go a long way.

  • Suitable indoor and outdoor usage
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Highly priced 


3. Spalding NBA Backboard/Rim Combo

Spalding NBA Backboard/Rim Combo


Steel framed backboard 

Spalding NBA backboard is made up of heavy-duty steel that is extremely durable and holds the rim firmly. Along with this, the framed backboard is a good fit for compact spaces as this hoop does not cover much of the space.


When it comes to durability, the sturdy combination of backboard and rim is very much capable of lasting for a long time. Regardless of how much you dunk, the rim will remain unharmed.

  • Easy installation
  • 5 year warranty
  • Not suitable for serious ballers


4. Franklin Sports Over The Door Basketball Hoop

Franklin Sports Over The Door Basketball Hoop


Unique design 

Developers at Franklin have intricately designed the backboard shatter-resistant which has built-in LED lights. Therefore, the uniquely designed basketball hoop will add a spark to your space.

Dual spring rim 

Moreover, the basketball hoop is made on a dual spring rim that will allow you to play 3-point shots and slam dunks.

Protective EVA foam 

As for protection against extreme force, this basketball hoop has a protective EVA foam that enhances the durability. Therefore, you do not have to worry about the basketball hoop breaking from a forceful dunk.

  • High durability
  • Easy setup
  • Suitable for kids 
  • Steel might oxidize overtime 


5. SUPER JOY Pro Indoor Mini Basketball Hoop

SUPER JOY Pro Indoor Mini Basketball Hoop


Easy installation

Super joy pro mini basketball hoops can be set up easily as it comes with all the necessary tools which includes a hand pump, wrenches and screws. Alongside this, the developers have provided a detailed guideline that makes the installation of the hoop a lot more easy.

Solid rim 

As for the rim, it is made up of steel and has spring action that can enable you to slam dunk carefreely. Once you have slammed the ball, the spring will bounce the rim back into the place. Thus, the hoop will be ready for the next shot in no time.


The super joy basketball hoop is made up of steel rims that are springed well and shatter resistant backboard. Therefore, the sturdy construction has made the hoop extremely durable.

  • Flexible usage
  • Protective sponge
  • May not be suitable for outdoors


6. JAPER BEES Pro Mini Basketball Hoop

JAPER BEES Pro Mini Basketball Hoop



Japer bees come with a shatter resistant backboard that is made up of reinforcing clear polycarbonate and the back is covered with a foam pad. This enhances the overall durability of the hoop while making it quieter.

Sturdy construction

With thick steel rim, dural black springs and strong net, the pro rubber basketball hoop is made to last. The heavy-duty material used in the production process has contributed largely to the high overall quality of  the hoop. Therefore, you can get a court-like experience at the comfort of your home.

Easy setup 

The hoop comes with mounting screws which make it extremely easy to install at any place; be it your door or a wall.

  • Quick to assemble
  • Extremely durable 
  • The net may not last long 


7. Goplus 18” x12” Mini Basketball Hoop

Goplus 18'' x12'' Mini Basketball Hoop


High-quality construction

The goplus mini basketball hoop is made up of dense polycarbonate which is shatter resistant. Along with this, the steel rim is sturdy enough to last for a long time. Henceforth, the superior structure makes it extremely durable as it can withstand extreme exertion of force.

Easy installation. 

The hoop comes with brief yet comprehensive instructions that can enable you to quickly set the hoop up and start playing.

  • Extremely portable
  • Long service lifespan
  • Backboard may not be as durable 


8. RIYIFER Basketball Hoop

RIYIFER Basketball Hoop


Reasonably sized 

Do you want your kids to play basketball without going out? Well, this hoop has a suitable size for kids who are fond of playing basketball. Whether it is the yard or their room, kids can play comfortably whenever they want.

Sturdy material

The hoop has a steel frame that is coated with powder for protection. Therefore, the hoop has firm construction that makes it extremely durable.

  • Easy installation
  • Suitable for indoors and outdoors
  • May not be suitable for adults


9. Silverback Junior Youth 33″ Basketball Hoop

Silverback Junior Youth 33" Basketball Hoop


Lock n rock technology 

Silverback junior mount has a built-in lock n rock technology that makes the installation easier. Whether you want to mount it on a wall or door, you can quickly mount it. Once the hoop is mounted, it will remain in its place without moving an inch.

Spring-action rim 

Silverback junior basketball hoop has a breakaway rim that is flexible under pressure. Therefore, the player and backboard remain protected at all times.

  • Easy to store
  • Convenient installation 
  • Average quality plastic 


10. Lifetime 73650

Lifetime 73650


Sturdy design

Lifetime 73650 has a premium quality backboard that is made up of shatter resistant makrolon polycarbonate. Along with this, the backboard is transparent and the screen printing is divided into three parts with the middle part being the dark objective square.


Aside from this,the steel shaft that holds the backboard is covered with powder for protection. Also, this prevents the hoop from getting an early rust. Furthermore, the hoop is remarkably flexible and can be stored anywhere at any given time.

  • Tough netting
  • Excellent durability 
  • Average grip


11. SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop

SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop

Unique design 

SKLZ basketball hoop is uniquely designed which makes it different from other frames. Since it is designed for indoors, the hoop is not covered with powder.

Easy setup 

The basketball hoop comes with all essential equipment that is required for installation. Therefore, you can instantly set it up and start playing.

This sturdy plan will enable the children to work on dunking, and it’s additionally profoundly versatile so you can bring it along on the following family get-away or


If you want to move this hoop from place to place, you can do it easily as the framework is solid yet flexibly designed which contributes greatly to the portability.

  • Excellent performance
  • Highly durable
  • Average quality steel

Buying guide for best wall mounted basketball hoops 

Since the market is filled with various options when it comes to basketball hoops, it can be hard to choose the best of out of them all. Therefore, we have compiled a list of factors that you should consider before buying the best wall mounted basketball hoops for yourself or you kids.


Backboard refers to the frame that holds the rim. When you are out to buy a basketball hoop, we suggest to look for the following features in a backboard.


There are a range of different materials that are used for making a backboard. firstly, a backboard can be made up of polycarbonate which is extremely durable but may lack performance.

On the other hand, some backboards are constructed using acrylic which may not be long lasting but performs well and is affordable.

Lastly, tempered glass is another material for backboards. The performance of tempered glass is far better than polycarbonate or acrylic. However, it is prone to breakage which makes it not so durable.


After the material comes the size.

wall -mounted basketball hoops usually fall between 40-48 inches so that they can fit easily anywhere. Nonetheless, you can buy a bigger backboard to have a court-like experience at home.


Next up are the rims.There are multiple types of rims that you can buy. These include:

  • Standard rim
  • Breakaway rim
  • Pro-style Compression breakaway rim

Standard rim

A standard rim does not have compression springs. Though this makes it prone to damage and easy breakage, you can consider buying a standard rim when you do not want to dunk or you are on a budget.

Breakaway rim 

These rims are a cheaper version of compressed breakaway rims but they are sturdy enough to withstand force. However, breakaway rims do not include a cover.

Pro-style compression breakaway rim

The best amongst all rims is the pro-style compression breakaway rim that is compressed well and comes with a cover. Also, it is less bouncy than other types of rims. However, it may be more expensive.

Local climate

Once you have considered the construction quality of the wall mounted basketball hoops, it’s about time you should look to the external factors which include the usual climate of your area.

If you are planning to place the hoop outdoors and your area remains mainly humid, there is a higher risk of early rust. Therefore. We recommend buying a hoop with covers and springs. However, if you are considering buying tempered glass, we recommend that you place it indoors.

Your budget

Another important element is your budget. Since not everyone has an exceptional budget to begin with, the manufacturers have produced a range of basketball hoops that are affordable yet excellent in what they do. All you have to do is set a budget for yourself. In this way, you will filter out the options and focus on the important ones.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Q. How much time does the installation of basketball hoops require? 

Ans. although the time differs from person to person, it may take an hour or two if you have the right equipment, expertise and instructions.

Q. Which wall mounted basketball hoop is good for indoors? 

Ans. The most suitable hoop for indoors is the first team wall monster wall mounted basketball hoop. It is made of tempered glass and is compact enough to fit in small places.


If you are fond of playing basketball, wall mounted basketball can be a good option for a few casual dunks per day. Are you thinking of giving them a try? Refer to our list of ten best wall-mounted basketball hoops that are durable and excellent performers.

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