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10 Best indoor Basketball 2021 [Tested] Reviews

Basketball is a popular game, and people like to play basketball at least three times a week. It is an excellent exercise, and many people play it because it is their hobby.

The typically used indoor basketball often wears out and is not durable enough to last for a long time. It is hard to find an NBA ball that can last for years. The basketballs have slippery hard surfaces sometimes, and they don’t have a grip at all.

Most people are concerned about the quality of the basketball and are looking for an indoor basket ball with high quality. 

Are you not able to find a basketball that is soft on the surface and has a good grip? The material used for designing indoor basketballs is different than the outdoor basketballs. The balls that are made up of synthetic leather are the best kinds of indoor basketballs for you. 

Our team of experts has done extensive research, and we have come up with 10 best Indoor basketballs that can help you enjoy the ultimate basketball playing experience.

Best indoor Basketball 2021

1. Wilson Evolution⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
2. Spalding Rookie Gear⭐⭐⭐⭐
3. Baden Elite⭐⭐⭐⭐
4. Molten X-series⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
5. Wilson NCAA Replica⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
6. The Rock Basketball⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
7. Chance Premium⭐⭐⭐⭐
8. Under Armour 495 Indoor⭐⭐⭐⭐
9. Molten BGM Basketball⭐⭐⭐⭐
10. Beasley BD-1000⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

1. Wilson Evolution

Wilson Evolution 

The Wilson Evolution is available three different sizes. The basketball is ideal for boys who are of age 15 and above. It is suitable for boys and girls and will give you perfect gaming experience. The ball is soft when you touch it. It has an excellent grip and you can play the game easily.

The cushion core technology is used in making the ball. The ball is smooth and easy to use. The ball is not slippery and you can hold it because it has a good grip. The outer cover of the basketball is made up of microfiber and the ball can be used in all kinds of weather conditions.

You can also use the basketball outside and because the ball doesn’t get damaged when it is raining. The basketballs are manufactured by Wilson Company and are very soft when you touch it and you can be comfortable to play with it.

The price of the ball is affordable. Basketball is excellent and has the best value for money. It is available in just 50 dollars and has some fantastic features that can give you the best experience.

When your hands are all sweaty, you lose grip on most of the balls from other brands, but Wilson Indoor basketball is the ideal basketball for even the hottest of weather conditions.


  • The number 1 basketball suitable for most basketball courts
  • The cushion core carcass features make the ball soft
  • The Premium microfiber technology makes it easy to grip
  • Durable to last for a long time
  • Gives you the ultimate control and provides a consistent feel and texture
  • The basketball comes in a variety of colors
  • The basketball comes at a reasonable price
  • It has a soft surface
  • It is easy to use and allows you to enjoy a consistent performance
  • The ball has an extraordinary grip
  • It doesn’t hold air after prolonged use
  • The leather parts of the ball wear off.


2. Spalding Rookie Gear

Spalding Rookie Gear

The Spalding Rookie gear is perfect basketball for people who want to do a productive basketball practice. It is suitable for males of all ages and can help you perform brilliantly during your practice match. The ball is made with leather cover and is soft when you touch it.

It is the standard basketball and helps you to give an extraordinary performance. It is an ideal choice for people who love playing basketball indoors. It is durable, and you can also play with this basketball in the outside environment.

The ball maintains the pressure, and you don’t have to pump the ball when you play the game. If you are a beginner and haven’t played basketball much before then, you must be a little careful because basketball doesn’t have an outstanding grip.

The ball doesn’t bounce and lands on the floor softly, and it might take some time for you to get used to it. As soon as you get used to playing with this basketball, then you would fall in love with it. 


  • The basketball has been designed by ZK microfiber that gives you a soft touch
  • You will get a dry tack feel, and you would play with it well even with sweat hands
  • The side channel design makes the basketball stand out
  • The nylon windings have maximum integrity of the structure
  • It is manufactured for indoor games only
  • The basketball doesn’t become slick when it is wet
  • It is designed with 100 percent nylon
  • Designed with a composite leather
  • The soft-touch of the ball will allow you to enjoy a comfortable play
  • The customers are complaining about control problems
  • The ball doesn’t bounce properly.


3. Baden Elite

Baden Elite

The ball is available in two sizes, but most people buy it in the standard size. Men under the age of 15 can also play with this basketball without any problem. The basketball is made with strong materials and also helps you to perform well.

The ball doesn’t get dirty and doesn’t drop down from your hand while you are playing. The ball bounces well and can help you to jump and play with the ball and make a good score high. You can hold the ball easily and when you are sweating under the sun the ball doesn’t slip from your hand.

The ball can last for a long time and has a durable and sturdy built. Recreational basketball can allow you to play for hours and will enable you to enjoy your training session. You can even enjoy a 20 hour to 30-hour practice in a week, and the ball wouldn’t get worn out or get damaged.


  • The ball gives you a superior grip and allows you to provide moderate control over the ball
  • The cushion control technology will enable you to enjoy a soft feel
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Enjoy consistent bounce and balance
  • Available in two sizes
  • Approved by NFHS and is a reliable basketball
  • The basketball offers you high power and playability
  • The color doesn’t fade away
  • The ball doesn’t become bulky
  • The ball will allow you to have a superior control
  • The basketball leaks sometimes
  • It doesn’t get flat while you are playing.

4. Molten X-series

Molten X-series

The basketball by Molten is perfect for people who want to practice their shooting skills. The cover and surface of the ball has a good grip and can bounces very well on the hard floors.

The white stripes help you to make the design of the ball pretty, and the rotation of the ball helps you to play nicely. The X design of the basket ball makes it similar to the look of a professional basketball.

The players can easily play with the ball and you will be able to beat your rival team. The design helps you to develop an intuition about where the ball will go, and you can practice way faster than a regular ball.

If you are looking to buy a high-quality ball at an affordable price, then Molten X-series could be the best bet for you.


  • Superior grip and easy to bounce
  • Soft feel and bounces easily
  • Durable and lasts for years
  • Engineered to help you enjoy the perfect balance and consistent bounces
  • The dual cushion technology helps to maintain speed
  • The fingerprints control is great
  • Comes with an integrated padding
  • The ball is soft and comes with a double cushion technology
  • The rate of your game is maintained with the help of this basketball
  • Some people have complained about its poor quality
  • The basketball is small in size.


5. Wilson NCAA Replica

Wilson NCAA Replica

Wilson is a famous brand and makes one of the best basketballs in the world. Many popular basketball players have praised the high quality the basketballs from Wilson have.

It is better in many features as compared to balls from other brands and you can play consistently without any breaks. The ball is tacky and bounces well on any surface. The ball doesn’t stick on the floor and doesn’t get dirty with moisture and dirt.

The ball has a smooth surface and can avoid all the dirt and mud on the floor.  You can hold it firmly in your hands and play basketball for hours.

The basketball has can help you to play with your friends and is considered to be one of the best basketballs for durability. You wouldn’t be able to find a better leather basketball than this at this price.


  • The cushion core technology allows the ball to give you a comfortable and soft feel
  • It comes equipped with Aqua grip laid-in channels
  • The traditional rubber surface of the ball prevents it from absorbing mud and dirt of the floor
  • The moisture-absorbing cover makes the ball suitable for all kinds of weather conditions
  • The moisture-absorbing quality doesn’t make the ball wet
  • It is popular with the customer because of its durability
  • Has a good grip
  • Popular with famous and well known indoor basketball players
  • The ball is hard
  • The quality of the ball doesn’t maintain for a long time.


6. The Rock Basketball

The Rock Basketball

If you want to buy a basketball that gives you a real feel of a leather basketball, then this one is perfect for you. The ball can be compared to the professional basketballs available in the market because of its high-quality craftsmanship.

The basketball is resilient enough and can be used inside and outside easily. We recommend that you should use it for indoor basketball games if you want it to last for a long time. The moisture-absorbent features allow you to play in comfort even though you are sweaty all over.

Just like other similar indoor basketballs, the surface of this basketball might get slick, so it is recommended that you use it for home practices and smaller-scale basketball games.


  • The premium absorbent feature can withstand sweat and any harsh weather condition
  • The ultra-durable basketball doesn’t get damaged easily
  • The touch of the ball is smooth, and the grip is fantastic
  • Designed for playing indoor and outdoor
  • The soft feel of this ball gives an exceptional feel
  • The ball provides the perfect bounces
  • The grip and feel is great
  • Offers higher durability
  • The ball gets flat after sometime
  • It just comes in two sizes.


7. Chance Premium Rubber Basketball

Chance Premium Rubber Basketball

Chance Premium Rubber basketball is one of the top line basketballs in the market right now. It is designed for Elite players and can also go well for people who are beginners at playing football.

If your indoor basketball court is muddy or has a rough surface, then this basketball could be perfect for you. It has the best absorbent features and absorbs mud and dirt well to help you enjoy playing the game for hours without any issues.

The basketball is durable, and it doesn’t discolor even after prolonged use. If you are looking for a basketball that is made from high-quality material and is also available at a reasonable price, then this basketball by Chance Premium can be the perfect buy for you.


  • Elite choice and comes with an excellent grip
  • The Superior design offers excellent durability
  • A perfectly balanced ball that maintains perfection
  • The ball allows you to reach your maximum performance with its functionality
  • The foam design makes it easy to hold
  • The bounces of this ball are unmatchable
  • Soft and smooth feel
  • Amazing grip
  • Basketball is a bit bulky
  • The design is a bit lopsided.


8. Under Armour 495 Indoor

Under Armour 495 Indoor

Under Armour 495, indoor basketball may not have been in the market for long, but it has been gaining fame for some time now. It is an indoor/outdoor basketball that is packed with powerful features and can provide a lot of comfort to the user.

UA grip skin offers optimal comfort and grip. The pebble design of this ball makes it easy for the person to hold it. They don’t create any problem even if you are using it for a long time.

It is soft as compared to other balls we have in the market. The design of this ball looks beautiful because of nylon. There is a rubber bladder that provides air retention. The standard size of this ball is 29.5 inches, and if it fits your needs well, you can buy it.


  • Grip and feel of Under Armour 495 shows is excellent
  • Soft and durable while the 100% rubber bladder provides air retention
  • If we talk about bounce, it feels a little heavy despite being in the same weight range as other basketballs
  • The channels of these indoor /outdoor basket ball are shallow but wide and consist of leather panels
  • Due to UA gripskin, the ball is soft and can work well for both indoors and outdoors
  • It is a solid basketball which provides a lot of grips
  • The bounce and shape provides durability
  • It can retain the air quality which makes the basketball soft
  • It is easy to use and comfortable to hold
  • You may not get this basketball in different sizes
  • It doesn’t give any warranty


9. Molten BGM Basketball

Molten BGM Basketball

Molten BGM Basketball has become the most preferred choice among many players. It is an excellent choice for professional players as well as indoor/outdoor use.

When it comes to excellence, players won’t settle for anything less and this is where Molten BGM basketball wins the battle.

Players from the British basketball league have been using this basketball and praised it for how well it is constructed. The 12-panel design of this basketball looks ethereal. There is a dual cushion technology which is used in manufacturing the ball.

It can retain the bounce speed at regular intervals. The basketball is durable but small in size. The rebound speed of the ball depends on the materials used for the making. The cushions and padding inside the basketball makes it perfect for basket ball games.


  • FBIA has approved molten BGM basketball
  • The 12-panel design of this basketball is worthy of mentioning
  • There is a dual cushion technology which can maintain and retain the bounce
  • The rebound speeds of the basketball and is durable for long time use
  • The fingerprints control are improved than previous models
  • The firm padding on the exteriors is strong
  • The ball feels soft due to the latest technology
  • The rebound speed will maintain at regular intervals
  • It can deflate with continuous use
  • Basketball is small in size.


10. Beasley BD-1000

Beasley BD-1000

When we talk about the highest quality, we should speak of Beasley BD-1000. It can stand out among the crowd because of its attractive and comfortable design.

Any player can fulfill the challenges of a competitive play. The ball is manufactured using the latest cushion technology. The cushion at the core of this ball makes it soft to hold.

You can get a tacky feel when you bounce it on the ground. The ball is durable enough to work well for both indoors and outdoors. The basketball comes in a standard size that is 29.5 inches.

The leather which is used for the making of this ball is water-resistant and can absorb moisture too. You get a comfortable touch and superb grip. It is designed very well for both indoor and outdoor use.

The 12-year warranty given on this basketball is an excellent option for many users. You can get it repaired or replaced in case it goes flat.


  • The basketball features have leather which is moisture and water-resistant
  • There is an ultra-durable and comfortable touch and feel to it
  • Beasley BD-1000 is considered the best for baseball games because it has a rubber inside which is resistant to intense weather conditions
  • The cushion-core technology will give an exceptional feel and bounce which is extraordinary
  • You get an exceptional 12-year warranty
  • The bounce is most consistent when compared to other basketballs
  • It is soft and tacky but durable at the same time
  • The foam backing and cushion design makes it an excellent choice for many
  • The ball makes go flat after long time use
  • It comes out only in an official size


BUYING GUIDE | Best indoor Basketball

When you are in the market and want to select the best basketball for indoor or outdoor use, there are a lot of features to consider. Most of the buyers would want something with high-quality features but economical at the same time.


If you are fond of playing basketball or a part of a high school or national level basketball team, then checking the size of the ball is very important.

Not only the size, have you had to check each specification of the ball. Some basketballs come in a standard size while there are very few which come out in different sizes.

If you want to give out the best performance, then buying a good ball will help you do better. In NBA tournaments, mostly the basketballs, which feature a standard size of 29.5, are used. The grip and bounce of such balls are top-notch. If the player is young, then choosing a ball with27.5 would be a right choice.

On which surface the ball will be used

Before selecting the right basketball, you have to check on which type of surface you are going to play with it. If the surface is sturdy, then a durable ball will be better, but on a regular surface, any ball can work. Some basketballs have leather while some have cushions placed in the middle, which makes them soft. Basketballs, which are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, should be preferred.

Air pressure

You have to check the air pressure of the basketball before buying it. The best tip to check the air pressure you should hold the ball above the head and then drop it on the ground to check the bounce. The ball has to bounce at least above your chest area to prove that the air pressure is high.

The under-inflated balls are a terrible choice as compared to over-inflated balls. To maintain the quality of the ball, you have to clean it with pure fabric. Don’t use any detergent or something harmful which can affect the quality.

Age consideration

Before buying a basketball, we should keep in mind the age of a person. Kids who are fond of playing basketball may have to go for a small-sized ball. If they choose a big sized ball, it will make their game uncomfortable.

When you can’t hold the ball due to its hardness, things will become difficult. Choosing a basketball according to your age will work very well.

Indoor or outdoor

The best thing would be to look for a basketball which can work well both indoors and outdoors. If it’s an indoor basketball, it is a sign that you can’t use it for outdoor courts in the yard. If you want the ball to last for a long time, then don’t use it on surfaces that are not suitable for it.

Materials and construction

You have to check both materials and constructions of the ball before selecting one. The life of the ball depends on the materials which have been used for manufacturing it. Nowadays, most of the basketballs come out with the same type of design.

There is leather or cushion inside the bladder, which keeps it away from being deflated. The balls which are soft inside and harder on the outside will turn out to be useful.


What is the best indoor basketball?

There are many good basketballs available in the market. Wilson Evolution comes packed with a lot of features. It has turned out to be the best value in basketball.

It has become one of the fast-selling products and is the most preferred choice among high school students. If we talk about the price, it’s much more economical than other basketballs in the market. The level of grip is superior, and each channel is composed of leather, which is moisture resistant.

Which basketball is better, Wilson or Spalding?

Wilson is the most preferred choice among many students from high school or university. The reason is that Wilson is very durable and soft to hold. If you are interested in participating in premium indoor games, Wilson will turn out to be the best option.

The superior grip and consistent bounce will work best for anyone. Many people have complained about the performance of Spalding as it’s not very durable. The bounce quality is ordinary, and the ball may deflate after some time.

What is the most expensive basketball?

When we compare the prices range of different basketball brands, Spalding NBA official turns out to be the most expensive. The reason is that it is made with Horween leather. If you have not played with a ball that consists of real leather, it will take some time to adjust to it.


In this article, we have given a detailed review of the top 10 best indoor basketballs. The comprehensive details about features and buying guide will help you choose the best basketball in no time. Do share your experience, and if you have any queries, let us know!

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